Fingal Poetry Festival Environmental Policy

Fingal Poetry Festival Environmental Policy
A bike in Skerries harbour

We continue to promote sustainability as much as we can in every aspect of the festival. This year we are working with the Active Travel Department in Fingal County Council to provide sustainable modes of transport for people as they travel to Skerries and move from event to event. Watch this space for more updates!

Poetry at the Mills – Fingal Poetry Festival has endorsed and fully supports the principles of sustainability and will work with all stakeholders in a spirit of partnership to minimise our impact on the environment. 

We recognise that achieving sustainability will take time and will encourage all           stakeholders to engage with the festival in achieving these goals and targets and we will be open to suggestions and ideas generated by them.

Our Main Goals are:

  • Reduction of waste throughout the festival is a priority. We promote the use of multiple use materials, such as bottles or cups, rather than single use items. We promote all forms of recycling.
  • All festival materials will be printed on recycled paper/card.  Materials produced for last year’s festival will be recycled/reused where feasible.
  • Implementation of a Sustainable Transport Plan –  visitors will be encouraged to carpool or travel via public transport.  Bus and train timetables will be accessible via links on the festival website and on our social media portals.
  • Increase engagement with all groups in our community.
  • Spread our sustainability message far & wide to visitors, stake holders and communities.

We agree to abide by this policy in the normal course of our everyday operation, and to provide information to visitors, contractors, suppliers, volunteers, and stakeholders to inform them of the actions the festival is taking and what actions they can take to assist the festival in reaching our goals.

Visitors, contractors, suppliers and volunteers are encouraged to engage actively with the festival with support, suggestions and ideas.

Fingal Poetry Festival Committee                                                                     August 2022

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