Fingal Poetry Festival Anti-Bullying Policy

Fingal Poetry Festival Anti-Bullying Festival

Poetry at the Mills – the Fingal Poetry Festival is committed to promoting equality, diversity and an inclusive and supportive environment for all its contractors, suppliers and volunteers and visitors, affirming the rights of individuals to be treated fairly and with respect. Bullying, harassment, racism or any other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated. We will make it our priority to support you if you experience problems with bullying, harassment or racism. If you have an issue we encourage you to use the support available to try to resolve it as early as possible. We will investigate any complaint that you bring to our attention in a fair, independent and confidential way and, after considering all the facts, we will take prompt and appropriate action. We encourage and support initiatives to bring about informal resolution where that is possible and support formal procedures when it is not.

Our Main Goals are:

  • To raise awareness of bullying as a form of unacceptable behaviour with contractors, suppliers, freelancers, committee members, volunteers and attendees to the festival.
  • To foster a happy environment in which children/adults feel confident disclosing any unacceptable behaviour.
  • To develop procedures for investigating and dealing with incidents of bullying behaviour.


  • In accordance with our festival ethos, we will seek to promote an atmosphere where the respect of individuals and their self-esteem is promoted and preserved, and where positive preventative strategies are promoted through all festival activities/events.
  • All committee members/volunteers will be mandated individuals and any incident of bullying/harassment can be reported to said mandated people.
  • All children attending organised festival events will be supervised and we will employ monitoring measures through which all festival activities are kept under observation.
  • This policy is designed to deal with incidents which may occur between children, between adults and between children and adults.

Complaint Procedures:

If you have a complaint about a bullying incident, you may want to resolve problems informally where appropriate, before using the formal process.

To address a complaint informally, you should try to resolve your complaint as early as possible, if you feel able, to reduce stress and worry for you and possibly the other person involved. Speak to anyone involved in the situation about how their behaviour is affecting you. It can be helpful to describe particular instances of this behaviour, including times, places, events or conversations in order to clearly illustrate your point. You should use the opportunity to ask the person to change or stop their behaviour.

If you feel unable to speak to the person yourself, you may decide to follow the formal process for addressing complaints.

Any action taken will be agreed with the complainant who will be kept informed.

We ask you to put your formal complaint in an email ( It should include full details of your complaint including a detailed account of the incident, the date it took place, who was involved including any witnesses, and any action you may have taken. Once a formal complaint has been submitted the manager will send you written acknowledgement of the complaint and future steps to be taken.

Fingal Poetry Festival Committee                                                       August 2022

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