FAQs 2022: Fingal Poetry Prize and An Fiach Dubh Competitions

See 2022 Fingal Poetry Prize and 2022 An Fiach Dubh for rules and details.


1: Can I make changes to my poem after it has been submitted?

No.  Alterations cannot be made after you have submitted your entry so please check to ensure you are sending the correct version of the poem/s you want considered for the prize.   If however, you want to submit an altered or new version, you may only send it as another, separate entry, which will then incur another entry fee.  The judge will read and consider both entries.

2:  I have inadvertently left identifying details (name etc.) on my poem/s, will my entry be disqualified?

Yes.  However, if you find that you have done this in error, please resubmit your amended entry as soon as possible (at the latest by the end of the competition, 30 June 2022).

3: Are simultaneous submissions allowed?

Yes, although we strongly recommend against it.  If, however, you do wish to send your poem/s to a journal or another competition, you must contact us immediately in the event of your poem/s being accepted there or shortlisted/placed.   Your poem/poems will then have to be withdrawn from our completion and your entry fee cannot be refunded. 

4: Can I enter by Post?

No.  Entries can only be submitted through our online portal.

5: How do I pay for my entry/entries?

Full details of how to pay with PayPal are in the competition pages: See 2022 Fingal Poetry Prize and 2022 An Fiach Dubh.

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