Fingal Poetry Festival

Organised by Poetry at Skerries Mills

Enda Coyle-Green at the 2019 festival
Enda Coyle-Greene

Arising from a popular annual Poetry at the Mills event, in 2020 we expanded our offering of poetry and music to a full weekend festival, the Fingal Poetry Festival. Skerries Mills will remain our central venue, but expect other iconic Skerries locations to feature in the programme, making the most of the interaction between art and the natural and built environment of our town.

Special guest poets will be joined by more local voices and invited musicians for a celebration of poetry and music.

The festival core team consists of 

  • Enda Coyle-Greene, Artistic Director/Curator,
  • Ernestine Woelger, Director/Festival Organiser,
  • Grainne Enright, Treasurer,
  • Angela Murphy, Hon. Secretary,
  • Ceaití Ní Bheildiúin, Irish Language Coordinator,
  • Kim Tully, Seána Ó Rodaigh, Laura Broadhead, Nunce McAuley.

Web design: Sabine McKenna, cccSkerries

Raven illustrations and brochure design: Matthew Kelly.

Support by the Arts Council, Fingal County Council and Poetry Ireland is gratefully acknowledged. The Fingal Poetry Competition is sponsored by DHL. An Fiach Dubh – Irish Poetry Competition is sponsored by Country Crest.

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